Garbage and Recycling


Garbage Collection and Recycling

Recycling reminder that Gift Bags/Gift Wrap are NOT recyclable material and should be disposed of in the regular garbage.   

Residents are advised that there are no scheduled changes to the Garbage and Recycling collection over the Christmas holidays.  If there is a storm cancellation or delay, an announcement will be posted on our website, announced via radio and via social media.

Regular garbage collection is scheduled as follows:

  • Logy Bay – Tuesday
  • Middle Cove – Thursday
  • Outer Cove – Thursday

A reminder that garbage must be placed on the road right-of-way and containers cleared of snow before 8:00 am on collection day. In order to keep our community clean all residents are asked to ensure that your garbage placed by the roadside is either placed in covered containers or garbage boxes or covered with material/netting to prevent birds and rodents from accessing the garbage. Failure to do so will result in Council taking further action. The maximum number of bags per week, per household is ten.

Residents of the Greater Avalon Region can now dispose of their household hazardous waste on a regular basis at the new Robin Hood Bay Regional Waste Management Facility. For a schedule of available times, please visit Greater Avalon Regional Waste Management Facility.

Curbside Recycling 2017

Recycling will be picked up bi-weekly on the same day as garbage pickup and must be placed curbside by 8:00 am on collection day. Garbage and recycling pickup will occur at different times during the day.

  • January 10 (Logy Bay)
  • January 12 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • January 24 (Logy Bay)
  • January 26 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • February 7 (Logy Bay)
  • February 9 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • February 21 (Logy Bay)
  • February 23 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • March 7 (Logy Bay)
  • March 9 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • March 21 (Logy Bay)
  • March 23 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • April 4 (Logy Bay)
  • April 6 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • April 18 (Logy Bay)
  • April 20 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • May 2 (Logy Bay)
  • May 4 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • May 16 (Logy Bay)
  • May 18 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • May 30 (Logy Bay)
  • June 1 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • June 13 (Logy Bay)
  • June 15 Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • June 27 (Logy Bay)
  • June 29 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • July 11 (Logy Bay)
  • July 13 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • July 25 (Logy Bay)
  • July 27 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • August 8 (Logy Bay)
  • August 10 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • August 22 (Logy Bay)
  • August 24 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • September 5 (Logy Bay)
  • September 7 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • September 19 (Logy Bay)
  • September 21 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • October 3 (Logy Bay)
  • October 5 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • October 17 (Logy Bay)
  • October 19 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • October 31 (Logy Bay)
  • November 2 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • November 14 (Logy Bay)
  • November 16 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • November 28 (Logy Bay)
  • November 30 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • December 12 (Logy Bay)
  • December 14 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)
  • December 27 (Logy Bay)
  • December 28 (Outer Cove, Middle Cove)

Important Notice: Recycling Bags that are contaminated – meaning that one of the following items: glass, plastic bags/wrap, aerosol and paint cans, syringes, Styrofoam, diapers, kitty litter, drink/coffee cups, gift wrapping paper is placed in the bag with other recyclables, means the bag will not be picked up from the curbside and will be marked contaminated. You need to remove the contaminated material and place it with your regular garbage and then place the recycling bag back on the curbside for your next regular pick up day.

Donate Your Recyclable Beverage Containers

There is a recycling shed located behind the Town Hall. All residents are encouraged to make use of this facility. It is available for use 24/7. The Recycling Shed and Program are run in conjunction with St. Francis of Assisi School. Through the MMSB, the school receives double the normal refund while our Town saves money in tippage fees. Beverage containers on which you paid a deposit are eligible for recycling. At present, we are unable to accept paper and cardboard for recycling.