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Recycle My Cell:

Scent Free Policy:

Scent Free Policy

CBDC Programs and Services:

CBDC Programs and Services 2017

Ray Bonia Memorial Scholarship Award:

Congratulations to Emma Smart who is the 1st Place winner of the $1000 scholarship award.

Further congratulations to Rebecca Carolan who was the 2nd Place winner of the $500 scholarship.

Wishing you both good luck in your future studies.

Regional Governance:

Regional Governance

Development Applications:

The Town is changing the deadline to submit development applications in order to improve our business flow and customer service.

Please be advised that effective June 5, 2017:

All development applications must be submitted in writing by the Thursday (12:00pm) occurring two weeks prior to a scheduled Council meeting.

Development applications must be submitted with a current survey, house plans, scale diagrams/drawings (as applicable) and the Town’s Development Application plus applicable fees.

Correspondences (other than development applications) must be addressed in writing by Thursday (12:00pm) immediately occurring prior to the scheduled Council meeting.