Town Plan and Development Regulations

LB-MC-OC-Zoning Amendment 2017-23

LB-MC-OC-Plan Amendment 2017-17

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Our Avalon –  A plan for the Northeast Avalon Region –> Survey





Local Governance and Planning Registry for the Town of Logy Bay – Middle Cove – Outer Cove ***please note that the town plan is currently under review***

2010 Fence Regulations

Proposed Zone Mapping Amendment ( Flood Risk areas)

LB-MC-OC-Zoning Amendment 2017-23


February 24th, 2017

Please see the links below regarding Flood Risk Studies:

Study 1:

CBCL Flood Study – Coaker’s River, Outer Cove Brook, Kennedy’s Brook, Druken’s River


Flood Plain Community Mapping


Study 2:

Soldiers Brook Flood Study