The Museum of Logy Bay – Middle Cove – Outer Cove is located in the lower level of the Town Hall.

We are always looking for and accepting donations of artifacts for the Museum. We also welcome newcomers to the Heritage Committee. The museum is a vital part of the Community and with your help it will enable our visitors to experience our proud and colourful past; our youth to obtain proof of their history; and our seniors to have a place to meet in order to reminisce about the good old days. We look forward to welcoming you to the Museum.


The Logy Bay – Middle Cove – Outer Cove Heritage Committee was formed in October 1995, with the goal of preserving and promoting our Town’s rich history through the establishment of a museum. The Museum is divided into five themes representing different aspects of our heritage:

  • Fishery
    A collection of local photos, fishing net displays, and various fishing and sealing artifacts.
  • Agriculture
    Photos, tools and items representing early farming activity.
  • Sports
    Highlights, through photos and artifacts, our strong rowing heritage from the famous Outer Cove crew that rowed the time of 9:13 in 1901 to present day rowers.
  • Lifestyles
    Re-creation of a traditional kitchen containing artifacts from everyday life. Also includes artifacts and pictures reflecting the importance of the church and religion in daily life.
  • Military
    A tribute to those of our community who served in any armed conflict.

The Museum also contains an archive of information regarding history of the community that is available to the public upon request.

Contact Information


Tel: 709.726.5272

744 Logy Bay Road
Logy Bay – Middle Cove – Outer Cove
NL  A1K 3B5

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Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

  • Chair
    Julie Pomeroy
  • Co-chair
    Martin Boland
  • Treasurer
    Frances Kavanagh
  • Town Council Liaison
    Bert Hickey
  • Museum Coordinator
    Katie Harvey
  • Members
    Michelle Hickey
    Laurie Roche-Lawrence
    Craig Power